ATT mobile data throttling rules kick in tomorrow

first_imgYou’ve known it was coming for quite some time, and now the dreaded day is finally upon you. If you’re among AT&T‘s most data-hungry cellular users, you’re about to feel the pinch.Back in July, the company announced that it would begin throttling the top 5% of its wireless data users in an effort to keep things running smoothly for the other 95%. It’s that small minority of users who have caused overall data usage to balloon to levels more than 8,000 times what they were in 2007. That might not really be a fair comparison by AT&T really, since the period referenced was just before the original iPhone had launched.Like it or not, the throttling rule kicks in tomorrow. Go beyond 2.5 gigabytes of mobile data and AT&T will kneecap your downloads to 256KB/s for an entire billing cycle — to make sure you’ve gotten the message.AT&T isn’t alone, either. Other carriers like Virgin Mobile (update: Virgin won’t flip the switch until 2012) and Verizon have previously said that they’d also be implementing similar policies. These carriers claim that, with the “average” mobile user consuming less than 500MB of data each month, it’s unfair that a handful of users put so much strain on the system and bog the network down.It’s also not fair to their bottom line, which is ultimately the real concern. The meteoric rise of mobile internet use is placing ever-increasing demands on networks, and that means carriers need to invest more money in bigger, better hardware. That is, of course, unless they can implement a system like this that lets them coast along just a little longer without upgrading their existing infrastructure.More at Electronistalast_img

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